• Therapy

    The guidance and support to reach an optimal level of balance and peace

  • Balance

    Learning how to cope and manage life's demands and stressors

  • Guidance

    Providing support, understanding, and guidance to children and families

Welcome to Lifelong Wellness - Promoting
Health and Wellness in the Washington DC Metro Area

What we do

We provide wellness from infancy to geriatrics. At Lifelong Wellness we approach stress, discord, behavioral challenges, and imbalance from an alternative and wholistic perspective, by integrating mind and body. This approach is achieved by exploring one's diet, nutrition, and daily stressors, to identify the source of the imbalance. Although traditional psychotherapies are also utilized, the goal is to obtain a balanced mind and body in order to experience and to have a life full of energy, happiness, and pleasure.

Let us help you find a comfortable center from all of life's demands and stressors -

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